Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cherry blossoms viewing at Senbonzakura

I went to one of the well known Cherry blossoms viewing points in Kanagawa prefecture Yamato city called “Senbonzakura”it literary means thousand cherry blossoms trees ( although there aren't that many trees, we often use the word “thousand” whenever we find a large number of them.)

I often wonder what is the definition of sketches, and what differenciate it from painting. But as far as I follow USk's manifest that says : “Draw on location, capture what we see from direct observation, be truthful to the scenes we witness, share our drawings online”, I think these can be called sketches.

When I arrived this location, it was sunny and the light was ideal, I saw many people enjoy walking, taking photos, having lunch on the ground.

Then when I started making second sketch, the sky was already getting cloudy and eventually it started raining.