Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sketch experiments

News from a Japanese Neighbourhood  Association community center where I am living. 

Today I did a sketch on a cardboard. Then Decided to put some paper with glue stick. Application!
And added details by crayon pencils and gel pen.
I was happy with result.

松戸市、岩瀬自治会館 二階

On the picture:
Kotatsu table, which me and Charlie found in University's garbage and bring here. 
My accordion.
Blue zabuton seats of Iwase. 
Old Brother printer, got broken last week. 
Calendar for 2017, which I bring from University library. 
Book shelf, which we received from local person. 
Now we will collect books and toys on this shelf for common use.
Took me around 30 mins to do this by mixed technic. 

I was also trying to draw by ink brush.
It is fast, compare to my usual pencil and watercolor only.
Here is latest sketches of visitors of Iwase Neighbourhood Association and meetings of it's managers.

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  1. I love your brush pen sketches! Very elegant and expressive.

    - Tina