Sunday, November 12, 2017

24hr sketch marathon as 57th WWSC and 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers

Like many sketchers participated all over the world, on November 11th, we Japanese sketchers live near/in Tokyo ( including Miri from Israel) got together and had sketch walk to capture Tokyo Station to participate both 57th WWSC and USK Global 24hr Sketchwalk event.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween in Shibuya

A sketcher friend Johanna from Germany and I went to see what is like Halloween in Shibuya. First, we observed the street view from station passage through the window.There were many people ( as usual ) but not so many who were in their costume yet as of around 18:00 P.M.

Then we ventured to dive in the crowd to observe costumers ( although they were still relatively minority compared to people in normal outfit) closely.

But I myself found interesting the police car parked aside the street more than walking people, so I sketched it while Johanna captured people so well in the page one by one. That is quite a skill to collect targets and make nice composition at the same time!

They roamed on the street and when to find other costumers, they start communicating by taking selfie together, exchanging photos. Still it was early time, they looked a bit shy.

It was pretty cold outside, so we sooner evacuated inside a cafeteria where all waiters were young handsome guys ( seemed Korean boys) and all customers were women! There Johanna ,again, captured people so well.

We didn't stay late to see real deep Halloween this time. But this was my very first step to see and capture that famous Halloween in Shibuya.
Thanks Johanna for this rare occasion otherwise I would have avoided being in such environment. Next time we should wear something to blend in.

Monday, October 30, 2017

House in Kambara 蒲原の家



Our lab professor bought a house in place, called Kambara. It’s a station on Tokaido road, on the seashore, close to Mount Fuji. Sensei wants to help locals to preserve their heritage. As one idea, we discussed to have a sketch walk with the following exhibition.
I come to Kambara last week to see the place and sketch. The house of Sensei is a very old traditional house, full of treasures.
I sketched the interior of the house. This fish on the hook is a fireplace to make tea (first drawing).
Japanese house floor is made of tatami mats and on the walls are many interesting objects. One of them is clothes for the festival. On the back is written the name of the city - Kambara.

This place is also famous being drawn by Utagawa Hiroshige. He drew series of pictures about Tokaido road, so Kambara station is included in this series. Hiroshige museum is also here.

Report Asia-link Sketchwalk Kuching 2017

Dear fellow sketchers of USK Japan, here is my short report about the trip to Kuching, Malaysia, to Asia-Link sketch walk 2017.

Asia-link was organized with love to details. I felt totally comfortable since organizers not only prepared a meaningful program for each day but give much additional info for a perfect stay and even helped to get an internet SIM card.

We also spend time talking and sketching each other during the dinner. Much fun!

First-day speakers were William Sim, Alvin Wong, Khiah Keang, next day Tina Boon, Kwin and others.

Tina Boon reminded the precious history of USK.

Alvin Wong. His speech resonated in me because of two moments. 1. He said about involving with the local environment, not just drawing it. This is the meaning and opportunities of usk! 2. Preservational sketch. This is how I started (spontaneously) my first urban sketches back in hometown, Nizhniy Novgorod, where historical center was crashed and vanished on our eyes. Thank you, Alvin!

Every day we had a sketch walk in particular historical part of the city. Then, in the evening we summarized our experiences, listening talks and local poetry society members, who also introduced next locations in the form of lyrics. I think it made this event very special, and all people involved really love their city, Kuching.

Kuching means cat, so of course, we met many cats on the streets. Here is one of them.

Other sketches under cut→

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sketch gathering in Ueno : the shortest meeting yet so much fun

Quite international people met up in Ueno Park and had sketch session for one hour ( the shortest event ever!)
Regardless the length of the time, the result of each drawing has such lively feel of what we experienced sunny early autumn Sunday.